We Just Open Sourced Our Web Application, Connect

Be helpful. That was the guiding phrase that led our every effort back when we were the social media team at Rackspace. It’s what made us undertake the creation of our own social management platform – we knew we could help customers faster if we had better software. And now, it’s why we’re providing an open source license to social media teams for that same application we’ve spent so much time and energy building.

You read that right – we’re giving an open source license away for our Connect Engagement Application. That means you can own it. It means that you can change the workflow of it’s features to match your own processes. It means you can add new capabilities, or remove things we put in. It means you can consolidate your favorite features from all the different tools you manage into one place for simplicity. It’s unlimited users, a reduced software budget and complete control over reporting, which networks are included and the ability to share it, integrate it and expand on top of it. It’s social media management, your way – but without having to build it all yourself.

We realize this isn’t going to be a fit for everyone. That’s ok. But there’s a huge set of problems so many social teams face: spending their time and budgets managing a ton of software, switching back and forth between platforms, all because they can’t find anything they’re consistently happy with. You love X feature in this software but hate the rest of it. You think, “If only I could take X from this app and Y from another, we’d have a great social management system.” Instead you spend a ton of money buying both tools and have to create funky processes to make them work together across the teams of your company.

We’ve been there. We wanted control over what features we added and how the workflow functioned. And, we know that our way, the workflow we built into Connect, isn’t necessarily the best way for every team. There’s no ego here – this our way of being helpful. The open source license we’re providing gives you the control to determine what your social management platform includes and how the workflow functions. You can continue to use our Open API to power it and build new features. Or, don’t. Connect it with your own internal systems for different use cases. It’s up to you.

Our value at HelpSocial is in our experience and our platform, not just the skin that sits on top of it. Our platform allows a business to put social media capabilities into any other system – or even create their own custom social apps with it. We help companies unify teams, business units and software systems by integrating everywhere and providing complete control over how social media operates with other communication channels across the business.

“There is no perfect social media tool.” Back at Rackspace we said that ourselves probably as many times as we’ve heard others say it. The needs each of our teams have with social management are all similar, but still very different because our businesses operate differently. What if you could have your own “perfect” social media platform? How much time would that save? How much simpler would your processes be? How much faster could you help customers? Those questions are how we started back in 2011 and they’re what this is all about now.

If this sounds interesting to you – contact us with the form below. We’d love to share more of our vision and what it can mean for your business and for the larger community of social media management teams together.

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