Virgin Mobile México Chooses HelpSocial, To Provide Digital Engagement Solution For Customer Service Agents and Bots

HelpSocial provides customer experience leader Virgin Mobile México, a digital customer service offering powered by artificial intelligence.

SAN ANTONIO– February 26, 2019, HelpSocial, the #1 platform for integrating and automating digital in the contact center has been chosen by Virgin Mobile México to provide a combined digital customer engagement solution that brings social media and messaging conversations into Virgin Mobile México’s contact center platform, and leverages artificial intelligence to give Virgin Mobile México customers an ability to receive fast help from bots and human service agents.

Virgin Mobile México’s project had unique requirements in that their bots needed to communicate through a robust Application Programming Interface (API), and integrate with their Genesys PureCloud platform. In addition, it was important that the bots could work together with human agents to help customers.

HelpSocial was a great fit for their needs. HelpSocial aggregates customer comments together from various social networks and messaging apps into a cloud-based, customer engagement platform. Virgin Mobile México’s bots use HelpSocial APIs to interact with customers, while their human agents use HelpSocial’s conversation app. By integrating the HelpSocial platform with Virgin Mobile México’s contact center system, bots and agents receive assignments from a single routing engine and have omnichannel service capabilities that empower them to quickly and efficiently address customer needs.

In order to make sure the high quality service experience is maintained as conversation volume scales up, HelpSocial provides natural language processing and machine learning capabilities that analyze every inbound comment. Extra information is added to each message that helps Virgin’s contact center system understand whether it should be routed to an agent or a bot. If the comment is delivered to the bot, the information attached to the comment tells the bot who the customer is and helps it understand how to respond.

“We are committed to providing amazing customer experiences across every touchpoint with our customers. We had complex requirements and HelpSocial delivered. Their platform will help us exceed customer expectations and innovate into the future,” said Héctor Chávez, Technical Director at Virgin Mobile México.

“We are thrilled to be working with Virgin Mobile México. They are a very innovative company, well known for their commitment to providing a world class customer experience,” said Matt Wilbanks, CEO at HelpSocial. “Digital is growing quickly in the contact center space and we expect that trend to accelerate dramatically. We’re launching new partnerships to bring more digital channels in faster, and investing heavily into AI to help our customers scale service efficiently. Virgin Mobile Mexico’s use case shows the type of capabilities contact centers want in their digital transformation. We are committed to providing those needs so bots and agents can be helpful for more customers,” said Wilbanks.

To learn more about how HelpSocial can help you integrate bots with agents in your contact center, and to see a live demo, contact us here.