Top 3 Social Media Predictions for 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, and companies are deep into 2017 planning, what are the top  predictions for Social Media in 2017? What’s ahead for the channel, the industry and the technologies that make it tick?

In 2016, social media became more mainstream for customer service. This can be seen with major updates from popular social networks. For example,  Twitter made it easier than ever to send direct messages over the network and share customer feedback with brands.  In addition, chatbots made their way into the scene, showing initial signs of automation in the customer service industry.

So with that, what can we expect for social media and social media customer for 2017? Here are a few that HelpSocial sees as real possibilities.

One to Many vs One to One Comes Full Circle
Back in the wild west, people would use smoke signals to communicate. One person, or small group, building a fire and sending plumes of smoke up into the air for anyone to see. Sounds a little like Twitter.  As social media gained popularity, it’s become a fire hose, making it difficult to interact in a meaningful way. With new messaging apps and social media networks like SnapChat, people are finding there way back into communicating on an interpersonal level. Twitter and Facebook have cemented their place in social media history, no doubt, but 2017 will be the rise of messaging for customer service.

Internet of Things will Turn Data into Dollars
Knowledge is power, and data is dollars. With the rising of IoT and the general connectedness of, well, everything from cars to refrigerators to mobile devices, there will be no shortage of consumer data. If fact, there will be so much data that the challenge will be aggregating and consuming it in a usable, proactive and predictive way.

Customer Service Emerges as A Strategic Career Path
With automation and chatbots on the front line, 2017 and beyond will present a unique opportunity for customer service reps to step into a more strategic role. Instead of answering calls or chats, there’s a real opportunity to become proactive with customer over social media. With incredible technological advances in predictive analytics, agents could be able to pinpoint an issue before the customer even knows it will be an issue.

The coming years are ripe with opportunity for customer service, from unexpected channels to new technologies taking customer experience to brand new heights. These are just a few thoughts into what the future holds.

Like to learn more about how social media might effect your customer service business in 2017, reach out today. We’d love to talk.