[Part Two] Social Media for Business: HelpSocial on Cyber Talk Radio

This is part two of HelpSocial CEO and Co Founder Matt Wilbanks’ interview with with Bret Piatt, Jungle Disk CEO and Host of Cyber Talk Radio.

Cyber Talk Radio is a show on news radio 1200 WOAI that airs every Saturday at 11:00 p.m.  The weekly show features a variety of guest speakers and covers topics such as cloud computing, cybersecurity and Internet trends facing businesses in industries including healthcare, financial services, legal and real estate.

Social Networks for Business
With the growing adoption of social media, those with malicious intentions are bound to take advantage of social media’s anonymity. In this segment, Matt and Bret talk about the “Trolls” and some best practices for staying productive in social media, while handling these unpleasant characters.

Additional topics covered include:
•    Negative customer reviews and how to be helpful to turn it around
•    Engaging customers via social media as a small business
•    Customer expectations for social customer service
•    Social customer service and maintaining the human element

Segment Two:

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We’ll be breaking up the 50-minute show into four installments. If you missed the first installment, you can listen here.

To hear the whole segment, head over to the Cyber Talk Radio YouTube channel.