HelpSocial bridges the gap between marketing and the contact center.
We make insights from digital engagements actionable, for continuous CX innovation.
Who am I talking to?

What do I need to know so I can help them faster?

Agents and systems should have a complete understanding of the customer.

The gap between marketing and contact center systems creates inefficiency.
  • An agent cannot resolve a customer issue until they understand the full context of the situation.
  • Intelligent automation and AI service experiences are completely dependent on understanding customer data points from across channels.
  • HelpSocial solves this problem by bridging internal systems and keeping track of customer conversations across social channels.
What does Omnichannel Intelligence look like? Here are a few examples.
Automated Queue Escalation

An identified customer posts a complaint on your Facebook page about their latest experience with your product. HelpSocial immediately captures the comment and makes a note on the customer account record.

Some time afterwards, the customer calls in for help. Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system recognizes the phone number and sees the HelpSocial note on the account record.

In an effort to prevent another negative post, the IVR escalates the call ahead of others in the queue to be answered by the next agent.

Predictive Routing

A customer heads to Twitter and complains about their most recent billing invoice from your company.

HelpSocial sees the comment and determines the category of the issue they need help with is Billing. A Billing category tag is added to the customer account record along with the tweet.

A few minutes later the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) receives a call from the customer and finds the HelpSocial note showing a tweet was sent minutes ago about a billing issue. The IVR bypasses the normal Q&A flow and sends the customer straight to an agent skilled to help with billing issues.

Learn more about how we determine the intent of digital messages.

Proactive Service Triggers

A long time customer of your company tells a friend on twitter they are thinking about moving to one of your competitors.

HelpSocial captures the comment, recognizes this is a customer churn situation, and assigns an alert priority status to the tweet. The assignment of the alert status triggers a notification that is sent to the outbound dialing engine of the contact center.

The customer phone number is pulled into the dialer and queued for the next available agent. A timely, proactive account checkup call is made and as the phone is ringing, the twitter conversation is shown to the agent, alerting them that this is a churn situation.

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Channel Integration

Learn how to bring social and messaging conversations into your contact center agent interface.

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Intelligent Automation

Natural language processing and machine learning for advanced routing, agent assistance and bots.

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