Bring social capabilities to the teams that enhance and protect the brand reputation.

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Bring social capabilities to the teams that enhance and protect the brand reputation.

“2.8 billion people actively participate in social media every day.”
-Smart Insights


When a customer files a lawsuit, you have to be careful with communication, especially over a public channel like social media.

  • Get immediate Email, SMS or Slack notifications about the customer’s comments through simple automation with our Open API  
  • Add instructions  to customer accounts reminding social agents how they should handle the situation

With a few basic HelpSocial integrations, you can take major steps toward mitigating risk.


First impressions matter. When a candidate reaches out through social media, they expect a fast response, not a redirect to a web form.

  • Give recruiters the conversation feature from our Connect dashboard so social media agents can transfer a conversation to a recruiter for immediate follow up.
  • Stream public social comments from candidates into your applicant tracking system to give hiring managers the full view of the candidate to make the best hiring decision.

Attracting and retaining talent is key to a company’s success. HelpSocial helps your team reach quality applicants and fill roles faster.

Human Resources

A quality work environment drives employee engagement, but understanding which areas need the most focus often takes many surveys and long periods of decision time.

  • Set up a geo-fence around the work space and observe conversations about areas that are problematic.
  • Generate reports that filter by keyword or sentiment and drill down into particular topics of focus.

Data accessed from social media can bring positive change in the workplace, faster. With HelpSocial, you’ll have insights you need to boost employee engagement.


Cybercrime is an unfortunate reality that all businesses face. Defending intellectual property, business operations and employees require advanced systems to stay ahead.

  • Analyze activity patterns and identify the individuals you need to keep an eye on.
  • Receive alerts when known individuals and groups present a potential threat.

The secure, HelpSocial Open API enhances monitoring systems with social data to help prevent malicious attacks.

Ready to empower your business with social capabilities?

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Ready to empower your business with social capabilities?