HelpSocial makes it easier and faster to create AI automations for advanced CX.

Social media, messaging and traditional communication channels are analyzed for message intent and context.

Customer activities notifications you receive are presented in a standardized format for simplified processing and enriched with attributes, making it easier to build automations.
Here are some examples for helping more customers, in less time, at a lower cost.
Advanced Attribute Routing

Attribute routing is the next level up from traditional, skill-based routing. Attribute routing matches an agent or bot to the situation, not just matching based on general reason for the engagement.

Inbound messages are analyzed to determine the intent of the engagement. Internal systems are used to find relevant interactions from the past as well as information that tells us more about who the customer is. Emotion in the messages are gauged and priority statuses are added accordingly.

These added attributes are delivered with the message to the routing engine so it can intelligently choose an agent. The agent selection decision is simplified by only having to deal with 5 decision points:


Message Intent

Why are they engaging us?

Available agents are narrowed down to only those who can help with specific types of issues.


Historical Context

Who is this customer to us?

Prior interactions and social media behavior help determine whether this is a special situation or not.



Mild perturbed or fuming?

Customer emotion is relevant. Agents are further narrowed down to those who are skilled in turning unhappy customers into brand promoters.


Priority Status

Is this an emergency issue?

After a point, bots may no longer a good option for certain customers. It's important to know when to escalate an interaction with a customer.


Agent Status

Who is available to help?

Available agents best suited to handle certain situations are prioritized and queued intelligently.

Bots & Conversational AI

HelpSocial assists bots and automation systems because we know that programming a computer to understand a human and respond like one is hard — algorithms are intensely complex and data often comes out in a raw format.

Systems need to be built up front before bot engineers can start the tough process of designing a response engine needed for understanding everything about the inbound message and customer.

HelpSocial helps bots and automation systems by taking on all the work needed for cleaning, formatting and understanding inbound activities. With a large amount of the work taken off the table, engineers can focus on generating responses and delivering the product sooner so businesses can help more customers, faster.

Real-Time Agent Assistance

Our experience has shown when agents do not have to search systems for the answers to questions or look up prior interactions to understand situational context, handle times drop by an average of 30%.

With HelpSocial, every inbound message is analyzed in real-time as the conversation unfolds. Topic attribute tags applied to each message can be used to provide an agent the answer to the question, faster than the agent can find it themselves. Additionally, real-time analytics on agent conversations reveal KPIs showing how the customer sentiment improves or declines over the course of the engagement.

These improvements not only help the business reduce support costs by lowering handle times, they meet the customer's expectations of faster, lower-effort service.

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