HelpSocial As A Case Study – Solving For Digital Transformation

We like to tell everyone that HelpSocial was never supposed to be a company. But that’s not a complete idea. HelpSocial was never even supposed to be software. In fact, well after the first lines of code were written in mid 2011, we were still never convinced that at some point we wouldn’t just buy something off the shelf, when we found the right platform. But we never found the right platform. We’ve told that story before. What we’ve never talked about is why we built what we built – what the problems were we were solving for.

Today, we’re launching a series to tell exactly that (each new post will be linked below on this page). We’re going to focus on the stories of how we failed customers and how we succeeded for them. It’s those stories that led to building every feature and capability that exists in our software today. Our hope is, by opening ourselves up into a bunch of case studies, it will be helpful to your organization as you work to solve the same issues.

Digital transformation isn’t slowing down – it’s accelerating. The pace of innovation in this environment is faster than it’s ever been. New digital channels are opening up all the time and artificial intelligence is in nearly every contact center conversation.  Of course, we want to help you solve these challenges – it’s why we’re in business. 😉 But our mission remains the same today as it was when our project was picking up steam in 2010 – we want to be helpful. So, we’re opening ourselves up.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about our stories any time. We hope you enjoy the series.


HelpSocial As A Case Study Series:

Identifying message intent to discover problems you don’t know you have.

Digital Channel Integration Required An Open API

Improved Customer Support Workflow with Intelligent Automation