HelpSocial And Genesys Partner To Deliver Enterprise Social Customer Care In The Contact Center

Today is an exciting day! We would like to announce our official partnership with contact center software leader, Genesys, as well as the launch and general availability of our social customer care integration with their PureCloud customer experience platform.

HelpSocial will be in attendance at Genesys’ CX18 customer experience conference in Nashville, TN, demoing the product within PureCloud. Find us in the Partner Pavilion if you’re attending and keep reading below for a special, limited-time offer of 60 days free usage – offer expires May 4th, 2018.

The integration between HelpSocial and Genesys PureCloud Customer Experience Platform provides streamlined social customer service capabilities within the agent interface. Included, is HelpSocial’s Omnichannel Intelligence service, which allows organizations to connect CRMs and customer information databases for social customer recognition. It also displays relevant contextual data to the agent with the inbound social comment. This increases the opportunity for a first contact resolution and dramatically reduces handle time.

Social media has become a standard digital channel for communicating with customers. Traditionally, most social media engagement work has been handled by the marketing department. As the acceptance of the channel for mainstream customer service has grown, the volume of inbound service requests has out-scaled the ability of many marketing teams to keep up. This has led to longer, inconsistent response times, longer issue resolution times or worse, no responses at all to social customers.

The integration of HelpSocial within Genesys PureCloud gives businesses an efficient way to send social media activities to contact center agents within the service software they already use in the contact center. This means the contact center can use a enterprise social customer care product built for their needs, instead of being stuck with a stand-alone, siloed social management dashboard that doesn’t integrate into their service processes well, or at all.

Additionally, pricing is based on usage – not per agent or seat. This keeps the cost per conversation extremely low. Because there are no per agent fees, this allows for an unlimited number of agents to have access for handling social issues, which dramatically reduces response time and improves service quality.

While full social engagement capabilities are built into PureCloud, HelpSocial provides a social management dashboard that can be used by other teams around the business to work hand-in-hand with the contact center, from the same underlying platform. This allows for consistent reporting and streamlined service processes between teams who may be working in social networks at the same time.

For the companies who deploy bots to assist agents or communicate directly with customers, the HelpSocial Open API offers the opportunity to include those bots (or build new ones with our framework) within the routing scheme for a unified service process.

Since we started on this journey years ago from back at Rackspace, we have worked to make it easier for companies to be helpful for their customers, in a manner that can be customized to their own unique organizations. This partnership with Genesys, and the integration of our platform within theirs, will help contact centers across the globe deliver high quality customer service, across all channels, faster and more efficiently.

We’re celebrating this announcement by offering 60 days free to anyone that reserves a demo time with us by May 4th, 2018 (the date of the demo can be after the 4th). Contact us here today to set it up! If you plan on attending CX18, let us know – we’d love to meet up with you!