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All Into One Source With The HelpSocial Activities API

The world of digital is huge and still growing. We bring customer comments together from across social networks, message apps and mobile devices into an easy-to-use API where you can stream it, webhook it and poll it. Or just GET it whenever you feel like it.

But we’re not only providing the messages - we bring full feature functionality from the message source so you can Like, Retweet, Emoji and engage with customers as if you were responding from within the original network.

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Message Enrichment

Who am I talking to? What do I need to know so I can help them? These are the two most important questions that must be answered before a customer issue can be resolved. They are also the two most time consuming answers for agents and bots to figure out. HelpSocial provides a shortcut to issue resolutions by providing these answers with each message.

Recognize who the customer is and understand relevant contextual data from your internal data sources. Understand the intent of their message and the situation surrounding it. The first reply from an agent or bot should always work to address the customer issue as fast as possible.

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Open Channel Access

Maybe you already have a messaging partner you love, but really wish they had our message enrichment features. Maybe you’d like to bring some intelligence to how your current email channel is routed and responded to. Or maybe you just need to monitor for customer comments on a discussion forum. These are the types of use-cases we built our Open Channel APIs for.

The re-integration of digital channels and a giant re-factor of your engagement platform probably isn’t on the table as an option - and it doesn’t need to be. With HelpSocial Open Channel Access you can bring your own data source and pick up the intelligence and conversational capabilities of our platform to upgrade your existing systems. Plus, with Open Channel Access you can future-proof your engagement systems - there is no telling what the next popular social network or messaging app will be...

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Bring Intelligence To Routing & Human-Like Empathy To Bots

Natural language processing and machine learning systems break down messages to help your systems make advanced response decisions.

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