We started as a project at Rackspace to
help customers faster in digital channels. Now, you can too.
Our Story
We wanted to help social customers from the same systems used to help others.

Our Open API and Conversation App make it easy to bring digital conversations into your agent interface. Helping customers across channels with a unified work-flow, inside one system, is more efficient. The results are faster issue resolutions, happier customers and a lower cost per interaction.

We wanted managers to have all their reports in one place.

From agent performance to tracking conversation topics, we log it all and make it easily available. While we provide reports in our dashboard, you can stream the data for real-time reporting in your reporting tools, or grab it in batches from our Open API. The great news is that if we're using your routing engine to assign conversations, we're sending nearly all the data to your contact center reporting system already. ;)

We needed to work with every service system, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

We were purposeful when we designed our platform to work with any contact center system, legacy or 100% cloud-based. In fact, new or old, we can advance the capabilities of your IVR and ACD for making intelligent decisions when handling an interaction. Additionally, the intelligence attributes we add to each inbound message provide data points used to help bots understand customer situations and agents spend less time looking for answers and can focus on being helpful.

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Omnichannel Intelligence

Digital insights are siloed in marketing. Use the data to improve CX from the contact center.

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Intelligent Automation

Natural language processing and machine learning for advanced routing, agent assistance and bots.

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Our partnership with Genysys brought enterprise social customer care abilities to their PureCloud customer engagement platform.

3CLogic + HelpSocial makes scaling social customer care in the contact center
easy and efficient.

In partnership with Nice InContact, HelpSocial abilities are integrated seamlessly into their CXone platform and MAX agent interface.