Bring social to every team and every tool

HelpSocial is the world’s first and only social integration platform with an open API allowing you to decide which teams, tools and systems become social-ready.

A tweet can start with the social team and finish in the contact center.

The social media team may be the first place where a customer is engaged but the specialist needed to solve the issue might be in the contact center, using a different tool-set.

The agent’s contact center tool can check to see if any tweets have been assigned to them. The agent then replies to the customer from within their own tool.
Both teams can work together in realtime, from different tools, quickly solving the customer issue.

GET /assigned_activities
user_id = '4'
POST /reply
tweet_id = '123456789'
status = 'Sorry for the trouble! We're here to help you.'
as = '@CompanyCares'

Give your product teams real-time data to increase the speed of innovation.

Social conversations are full of valuable insights and unsolicited, raw opinions. The product team’s analytics tool can pull data points on specific topics from everyone that mentioned a product feature. Or, they could get specific and show trends from certain customer sets over time.
By simply connecting your chosen analytics tools and databases with HelpSocial, the product team can make better decisions on a faster timeline.

GET /archive
term = 'Product Feature'
GET /archive
search_term = 'Product Feature'
user = '@BigCustomer'

Enable your sales engine - be in the right place at the right time

Augment the tenacity of your sales teams with crucial data to help close deals. The sales organization’s CRM can accept a feed of social posts from identified prospects and customers. Real-time information provides insights into buying behavior and preferences. Using filtered social data, sales can adjust their approach to best serve the customer’s needs. Unlocking social for your sales staff allows for timely follow-up and reveals opportunities to win new deals.

GET /activities/by
username = 'BigCustomer'
POST /notes
scope = 'public'
target_id = 'BigCustomer'
note = 'Called customer. They're ready to upgrade! Sent a
        new contract for signing.'

Immediately alert the people that need to know.

During a time of crisis, certain people need to be notified quickly. Integrate HelpSocial’s alert system with messaging apps like Slack and HipChat or communication platforms like Twilio to send timely updates.


In this case, a keyword alert is created to add an alert status to a social comment’s API output. As the keyword is mentioned in social channels, those comments are automatically sent to groups or specific individuals via an instant messaging tool, while text message alerts are sent to mobile phones through Twilio. Agents no longer need to spend time deciding who to involve, resulting in faster issue resolution.

POST alert_words
name = ‘shopping cart down’

GET /alert_words

POST /sentiment
sentiment = ‘negative’
facebook_id = ‘1234567890’
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