Bring messaging to your platform faster with the Conversation App.

The HelpSocial Conversation App is a fully functioning single page chat application designed to work with any type of text-based communication. And, of course, it’s pre-configured to work with our APIs. It embeds easily into iframes and in-app mini-browsers and can be customized to the look and feel of your own interface.

Some of our customers use this as their final go-to-market product and some use it as a proof-of-concept step in a phased approach for getting a product out quickly while more complex development is going on. If the goal is to bring social comments and customer messages to your agents, within your user interface, this is the fastest and simplest way to get there.

Pre-built CRM & ticketing components

Nope, we’re not suggesting you should build the next SaaS CRM or ticketing system, but your engagement platform may need some of those same qualities built in. Common abilities such as keeping track of customer names or other contact info, leaving notes after an interaction and displaying the current status of a customer issue are all application services that have to be built in customer care systems.

But, with HelpSocial, there’s no need to build them because we’ve already done it. Grab the API endpoint for the feature you want and layer your user interface over the top. Oh - need a shortcut for the user interface? We’ve got you covered there as well. ;) An open source license for the frontend of our engagement app rockets you through dev cycles to the fun part of customizing the look and feel before you launch.

Employee collaboration, ready to go.

Peer to peer real-time messaging has become a regular part of office work everywhere. Do you sit in a full room of people and chat silently with them instead of talking out loud? Yeah…us too. Ha! Whether you need to send notes to a colleague about what to do with a customer interaction or need components for chatting back and forth in your platform, we can show you which API endpoints to use to so you can add the capability quickly.

Or, maybe you’ve got the next hot mobile messaging app idea that auto-suggests relevant gifs to reply back with based on what your friend just messaged you about. …or something like that. ;) We can help you get it done easier and faster at a lower cost of development.

One Source For Enriched Mobile, Social & Messaging

Inbound customer messages turn into instructions that tell your systems bots and agents how to help the customer faster.

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Bring Intelligence To Routing & Human-Like Empathy To Bots

Natural language processing and machine learning systems break down messages to help your systems make advanced response decisions.

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