Bring social media capabilities into your contact center platform

With HelpSocial, you get a shortcut to social media that saves internal development cycles and brings new channels to your customers faster.

We just brought social to the contact center with inContact. See how it works!

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No complex development required

Our Social Integration TechnologyTM takes care of aggregating social data, matches it with customer information and powers all the workflow features an agent needs to help a customer.

No learning curve

The HelpSocial platform is built on an open API and designed to work with the services already in use in the contact center. Want to route a Tweet like a phone call? You can use your system to do it.

Social customer care, faster

Working with HelpSocial saves time. We can guide you on which social features to build, how they should function and what they should look like.

Screen-Pop Integration

Our unique “Screen-Pop” integration brings all relevant features an agent needs into the contact center platform. No new tools to learn or manage.

Your Teams + Our Expertise = Your Customers’ Success

In addition to our technology, our service packages guide your team from the integration process through product launch. From basic developer assistance to in-depth product strategy guidance, we’re here to make your job easier.

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