Webinar Replay: What Can You Build With HelpSocial?

Today, social media for business lives in a silo, and not just from an organizational perspective, but also from a systems and accessibility perspective. This presents an obstacle for any customer facing department trying to deliver outstanding customer service, as well as for those who are not able to take full advantage of the benefits social media has to offer. … Read More

Video: Social Media Rules of Engagement

This is part of HelpSocial’s video series on answering questions to help companies provide outstanding social customer service. In this video, Matt Wilbanks, HelpSocial CEO and CoFounder, talks through the importance of establishing “Rules of Engagement” to provide seamless social customer service. In it, Matt will outline three things to consider when creating your custom rules. To learn more about … Read More

Introducing HelpSocial’s Summer Intern

The following post has been contributed by HelpSocial intern, Keilah Vence. Keilah is a student from Trinity University and joins HelpSocial as part of Student’s + Startups, a partnership between Geekdom and Trinity that aims to expose students to fast paced start up environments while getting hands on work experience. At the beginning of my sophomore year, I made a … Read More

Private Messaging Apps: Customer Service’s Latest Disruptor

The digital transformation of customer service is firmly upon us. From operating from 100% cloud based software platforms, to utilizing social media to communicate with customers for faster resolutions at a fraction of the cost. As folks are looking to AI and bots as the next big thing, the next wave of disruption for customer service industry could be here … Read More

Video: Scaling Social for All Departments

This is part of HelpSocial’s video series on answering questions to help companies provide outstanding social customer service. In this video, Matt Wilbanks, HelpSocial CEO and CoFounder, explains the challenges Marketing and the Contact Center have when working together using social media. See how using HelpSocial can help with scaling social for all departments. If you have questions about scaling … Read More

Webinar Recap: How to Integrate Social Media into Customer Service Platforms

An overload of tools can have negative effects on customer experiences. Streamlined processes and platforms mean efficient customer service delivery. In our recent webinar, HelpSocial’s CEO and CoFounder touched on the  benefits of integrating social media features into existing customer service platforms. With the rapidly changing communication landscape, serving customers quickly has become a major priority with major benefits. There’s … Read More

Shortcut for Social in the Contact Center

The customer service landscape is changing. The way customers ask for help is changing. According to Gartner, 85% of customer service will be digital by 2020. As a contact center software provider, are you ready with the omnichannel experience customers expect? With the increasing popularity of social media and private messaging, in addition to the transition to cloud computing model, … Read More

Webinar Recap: Scaling Social Media, A Cost Benefit Analysis

HelpSocial got its start as a social media team and understands the obstacles in scaling social care across a big, siloed company. In our recent webinar, we dove head first into what the costs and benefits are to scaling social media and what the biggest obstacles to effectively scaling the channel are. Didn’t catch the webinar live? We’ve got you … Read More

How Are Your Systems Breaking Silos in Social Care?

Social media channels are a great way for customer to get in touch with the brands they rely on. But sometimes, social media makes  getting in touch with the right customer service rep or department difficult. Just like email or phone, social media can be a helpful communication method, but because it’s also a firehose, the “one to many” nature … Read More

Will Platform As A Service Businesses Bring An End To Human Customer Service?

This past year, the media has been full of posts talking about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), bots, next-gen automation, Internet of Things (IoT) and how it all may combine to replace humans in many job sectors (by the way, that’s BINGO, if you’re playing Buzzword Bingo). Our recent announcements about our Open API platform have us thinking about … Read More