Omnichannel Intelligence by HelpSocial

We’ve got a surprise! Today our team would like to introduce a new offering that we’re calling Omnichannel Intelligence. The idea is to bring all the contextual customer information from across systems together in one place for real-time use. It’s designed to help customer service agents help customers faster and bring a layer of intelligence to routing and agent selection … Read More

Artificial intelligence and digital communication are disrupting the contact center space

This article was originally posted on  The customer service (contact center) space is accelerating faster than the market has ever seen up to this point. Artificial intelligence and digital communication are changing everything. Let’s start with some context. Right now we’re in the middle of a major market disruption by cloud-based contact center software platforms. They’re turning the conservative call … Read More

We Just Open Sourced Our Web Application, Connect

Be helpful. That was the guiding phrase that led our every effort back when we were the social media team at Rackspace. It’s what made us undertake the creation of our own social management platform – we knew we could help customers faster if we had better software. And now, it’s why we’re providing an open source license to social … Read More

Webinar Replay: Putting Bots In Seats

Recently, HelpSocial teamed up with Lance Christmann of OneReach, for a timely webinar on automation in the era of digital customer service. Lance, a long time UX expert, joined Hector Leal from the HelpSocial team to tackle questions, strategic and tactical, on the changing landscape of customer experience and how new technologies, like bots, can help augment it for the … Read More

Tim Montgomery Joins HelpSocial Board

HelpSocial is thrilled to announce that Customer Service Leader and Contact Center Management Veteran, Tim Montgomery, has joined the HelpSocial Board of Directors. Tim has been a pioneer for the modern-day contact center as an early adopter of cloud technologies. He began his career in the contact center space with USAA back in the ‘90s. Later, foregoing on-premise gear for … Read More

Twitter Handle Drama: How many handles should your brand have?

Maybe you’ve just made the decision to answer customer service questions via Twitter. Congrats! It’s a good move. Your customers are already their asking questions, so it serves your best interest (and theirs) to be available to them in the channels they want. Or, maybe you’ve been doing social media customer service forever, but traffic is picking up and you’re … Read More

Can “Things” Be Social?

The following excerpt was written by HelpSocial CEO and CoFounder, Matt Wilbanks, and first appeared on as part of the IDG Contributor Network. The full post can be found here. Everyone has some concern about the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on our human job force – it’s in the news everywhere. But, what if it goes beyond jobs? … Read More

Video: Reducing Response Times for Social Customer Care

This is part of HelpSocial’s video series on answering questions to help companies provide outstanding social customer service. Responding to customers quickly in social media channels matters. An Eptica study recently discovered that 64% of consumers using Twitter expect a response within an hour. In this video, HelpSocial CEO and CoFounder Matt Wilbanks will provide three ways to help reduce … Read More

What’s Holding Companies Back from Innovation?

Recently, Price Waterhouse Cooper published its 10th annual benchmark on corporate Digital IQ. Much has changed in ten years, and the key findings from the report highlight the massive shifts in technology and definitions of what digital means to executive leaders. The study found that while technology innovation is rapidly advancing, many leaders are no better equipped to profit or … Read More

Video: Integrating Social Features into Existing Platforms

This is part of HelpSocial’s video series on answering questions to help companies provide outstanding social customer service. Working from siloed customer service platforms is a headache. It adds precious time to solving urgent customer issues.  In this video, Matt Wilbanks, HelpSocial CEO and CoFounder, will show you how easy it can be break down that silo and integrate social … Read More