Webinar Recap: How to Integrate Social Media into Customer Service Platforms

An overload of tools can have negative effects on customer experiences. Streamlined processes and platforms mean efficient customer service delivery. In our recent webinar, HelpSocial’s CEO and CoFounder touched on the  benefits of integrating social media features into existing customer service platforms. With the rapidly changing communication landscape, serving customers quickly has become a major priority with major benefits. There’s … Read More

Shortcut for Social in the Contact Center

The customer service landscape is changing. The way customers ask for help is changing. According to Gartner, 85% of customer service will be digital by 2020. As a contact center software provider, are you ready with the omnichannel experience customers expect? With the increasing popularity of social media and private messaging, in addition to the transition to cloud computing model, … Read More

Webinar Recap: Scaling Social Media, A Cost Benefit Analysis

HelpSocial got its start as a social media team and understands the obstacles in scaling social care across a big, siloed company. In our recent webinar, we dove head first into what the costs and benefits are to scaling social media and what the biggest obstacles to effectively scaling the channel are. Didn’t catch the webinar live? We’ve got you … Read More

How Are Your Systems Breaking Silos in Social Care?

Social media channels are a great way for customer to get in touch with the brands they rely on. But sometimes, social media makes  getting in touch with the right customer service rep or department difficult. Just like email or phone, social media can be a helpful communication method, but because it’s also a firehose, the “one to many” nature … Read More

Will Platform As A Service Businesses Bring An End To Human Customer Service?

This past year, the media has been full of posts talking about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), bots, next-gen automation, Internet of Things (IoT) and how it all may combine to replace humans in many job sectors (by the way, that’s BINGO, if you’re playing Buzzword Bingo). Our recent announcements about our Open API platform have us thinking about … Read More

HelpSocial Professional Services: Solving Tech Problems Takes People

The past week has been busy for the HelpSocial team. We’ve announced a newly constructed Open API, major updates to our Connect dashboard and a pricing model that will change the way people buy social customer care software. We’ve also offered up strategies on scaling social across a contact center here. Today we’d like to offer some assistance in thinking … Read More

Amazon Connect – Operations Are Being Disrupted

On Tuesday Amazon Web Services announced the launch of their new contact center product, Connect. While everyone talks about how Amazon is entering, yet, another new market to compete in, one thing that has been glossed over is why they’re entering with this product at all. As it appears, Connect was never supposed to be customer facing. In a post … Read More

Bringing Flexibility and Scale to Social Customer Care Pricing

The benefits for bringing social customer care into a service organization are widely known and cited. Gain customer loyalty, prevent customer churn, and improving customer satisfaction are some of the more popular benefits. So, why have we seen a snag in social media becoming embedded into large scale contact centers and other support organizations? The simple answer may have to … Read More

Social Customer Care Has A Scaling Problem

Today, at HelpSocial, we announced a few big things. You can read the press release for details on the 2.0 version of our Open API platform, the addition of messaging apps into our family of social networks and our new usage-based pricing model. But here, I’d like to call attention to why we made the decision to move in the … Read More

Disrupting Social Customer Care

HelpSocial has some big news. Today, we announced some sweeping changes, not just to our platform, but to how organizations can use social media to improve the customer experience across the entire company. In addition, we’ve announced a new pricing model that will make every CFO happy. From our humble beginnings at Rackspace, HelpSocial has always understood the power behind … Read More