Artificial intelligence and digital communication are disrupting the contact center space

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The customer service (contact center) space is accelerating faster than the market has ever seen up to this point. Artificial intelligence and digital communication are changing everything.

Let’s start with some context. Right now we’re in the middle of a major market disruption by cloud-based contact center software platforms. They’re turning the conservative call center space into cutting-edge contact centers by helping them give up the expense and complexity of their hosted gear for easy-to-use, budget-friendly software as a service products in the cloud. They’re doing a great job of convincing and it’s coming at the expense of the traditional on-premise sellers at nearly 24% year over year growth (projected average over the next five years). That’s a ton of market share to lose in a very short amount of time.

Thing is, as fast as industry hardware giants like Avaya and Cisco are giving way to the new cloud platforms, the new cloud players are, if they’re not careful, going to be disrupted by the movement of digital channels with artificial intelligence before their own disruptive behavior is halfway capitalized. In case I lost you there, I’ll rephrase: The cloud players are going to be disrupted in half the time it’s taken them to begin disrupting the on-prem giants.

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