Every feature has an API endpoint and every data point is accessible.
Messages and conversations from one source.

We bring the comments, posts, tweets, messages and updates (we call them “activities”) from mobile devices, social networks and messaging apps together for easy access. Every activity comes with it’s network-native abilities (reply, retweet, like, emoji, etc.). Individual activities are strung together into conversations. Conversations are organized automatically under customer accounts where notes, contact information and more can be referenced.

Message enrichment is the key to intelligent automation and conversational AI.

If you want bots to help customers or routing engines to make better assignments, you need more than just a message. You need to know who you’re talking to, the details of their situation and the data break-down of their message as quickly as possible. We use natural language processing and machine learning systems to do exactly those things.

HelpSocial is the only communication aggregator that provides a messaging enrichment layer. After the message is processed by our platform, it’s no longer just a message - it’s a set of instructions telling your systems, bots and agents how to help the customer faster.

Open Channel Access

While our platform provides direct access to a lot of the communication channels you might want to use, you don’t have to use us for that access - you may already have your own connections. But, you might still want some of our platform capabilities, like messaging enrichment. Our Open Channel APIs provide easy access to our platform features for the channels you already control.

Access to all data + pre-built reports.

From interaction transcripts and user activity to tracking conversation topics and system events, we log it all and make it readily available. Our Open API provides access for you to fetch any data point at any time or stream events to provide real-time reporting capabilities. We also provide a variety of pre-built reports that can be displayed in your reporting dashboard or viewed in our cloud-hosted, admin dashboard.

Get to market faster with HelpSocial guidance and support.

We offer fully managed service levels to make sure your team knows exactly where to start and understands what is needed to achieve their final outcome result. You can be as independent with our API docs as you like, or as fully involved with our team as you want. Our mission is to be as helpful as we can be so you can get to market faster and be helpful for your customers.

One Source For Enriched Mobile, Social & Messaging

Inbound customer messages turn into instructions that tell your systems bots and agents how to help the customer faster.

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Get To Market Faster With Pre-Built Features For Your App

Reduce complexity and launch sooner. Our platform features are the building blocks that help product teams beat development deadlines.

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Bring Intelligence To Routing & Human-Like Empathy To Bots

Natural language processing and machine learning systems break down messages to help your systems make advanced response decisions.

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