Hi Everyone,


Back in November of 2013 a small group of disruptive individuals took an internal project at Rackspace and started HelpSocial, Inc. Now, six years later, it’s time for us to bring this chapter of the story to a close.


We set out to show the world how we learned to #BeHelpful for customers, and do it in a way that would unite a business together. We built some amazing technology and developed relationships with partners and customers that will last a lifetime. I am so proud of all our team has done. The effect of our ideas and mission values, and the impact of our approach to social care technology can be seen in businesses across the globe today.


Over the last 6 years we have received so much help from so many people. There is no possible way to say Thank You big enough to show the sincere gratitude we have for all of you who continuously encouraged us, financially supported us, taught us and provided tough love all along the way. Thank you so much!


While this part of the story comes to a close, we will continue on with new projects and our disruptive behavior. You’ll see more from us. 🙂 Send us a note some time! hello@helpsocial.com


HelpSocial Team, you are amazing people! You all had no reason to trust Rob and I. You had no reason to stick with us when things got tough. You had no reason to give so much of yourselves, all the time. But you did. I have never felt a sense of appreciation like I have for all of you. You created amazing things and you should be immensely proud of your work. You have taught me more than you know and I will forever be in debt to you. I am so happy to have had this experience with every one of you.


Rob, who would have thought our chance meeting at the airport baggage carousel more than 10 years ago would lead to all of this? Thanks for bringing me along for the ride.


Matt Wilbanks
CEO, Co-Founder




I never thought that my life would take me on this crazy, wonderful, exciting and fulfilling journey. Without the support of my friends, and family (this includes my HelpSocial family), I would have never survived this experience. I am so grateful to everyone I have met along the way.


What started off as a weekend project to make my life and the life of my friends (I can't say they were coworkers because they were so much more) at Rackspace a little easier turned into this incredible experience that I never would have dreamed about. We learned so much and experienced a life that most would envy. We are going to be okay and you don't need to worry about us.


Matt, it has been the greatest honor to work alongside you and share this experience together. Your enthusiasm for Tweetmon convinced me that we could do amazing things together and I'll always be grateful. Sorry your hair turned gray in the first three months of starting this crazy journey.


Robert Collazo
CTO, Co-Founder