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We had complex requirements and HelpSocial delivered. Their platform will help us exceed customer expectations and innovate into the future.

Héctor Chávez, Technical Director

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Channel Integration

SMS/MMS, Social Networks & Messaging Apps from one source.

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Omnichannel Intelligence

Use social insights to improve customer experience across channels.

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Intelligent Automation

Advanced routing, agent assistance, and bot capability.

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Our customers and partners are able to innovate faster by using HelpSocial for digital engagement and real-time contextual insights.

HelpSocial was never supposed to be a company.
We were employees at Rackspace and faced the same challenges with digital transformation that our customers and partners do today.

We wanted customers in digital channels, like social networks, to receive the same Fanatical Support® that customers in other channels experienced. We couldn’t find a great solution that would integrate digital abilities into our systems, so we built it.

Since 2014, HelpSocial has been an independent company helping businesses innovate faster for better customer experiences.

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