• The #1 integration platform for customer care and social media

    Keep up with your customers, gain insights and give them the support they need.

HelpSocial brings customer care together with social media so businesses can provide a unified customer experience across all channels of communication.

Integrate With The Contact Center

Our proprietary Social Integration TechnologyTM brings social media to your contact center system so you can help social customers without disrupting existing workflows. You can intelligently route a Tweet, just like a phone call, with the system you’ve already invested in.

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Data That Drives Decisions

Gain valuable insights about your customers and use them to drive better engagement, increase positive sentiment, and create loyal brand promoters.

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Web and Mobile Apps

Built specifically for customer care in social media, with CRM functionality to help every team across a company instantly recognize customers from their social profiles.

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How can HelpSocial help you?

Reducing response times, improving customer satisfaction and increasing the efficiency of your customer care teams doesn’t have to be hard. Let us show you how.


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