The Social Platform
For Customer Service.

Web & mobile apps for social customer care and an open API to bring social capabilites to your contact center tools.

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Customer service is most effective when the entire business operates together.

An Open API for Social Business

Add social functions into your existing tools. Connect disparate systems, free your siloed data and bring it all into real-time use for every team across the business. Learn more.

Real-time Contextual Data

HelpSocial web and mobile apps provide relevant information with the social feed so you can instantly recognize customers and quickly make the decisions needed to serve them best.

Fast Workflow for Teams

From large contact centers and small social teams to geo-dispersed enterprises, everyone can work together at the same time and remain completely in sync.

Social response at its best.

Consumer expectations have risen dramatically with social customer service. Speed is critical. The HelpSocial web and mobile apps have a proven track record of reducing response times and helping to resolve issues faster.

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Web & mobile apps for social customer service and an open API
to bring social capabilities to your tools.

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Be social. Be helpful.