The Social Platform for
Customer Service.

Monitor social networks and connect teams and apps across your business for realtime response.

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Customer care is most effective when the entire business operates together.

An Open API for Social Business

Add social functions into your existing software tools and keep every team in sync. Everyone can contribute towards realtime customer service.

Realtime Contextual Data

HelpSocial provides relevant information about your audience with their social posts so you can quickly make the decisions needed to serve them best.

Fast Workflow for Teams

From a large service center to small teams across the business, everyone can work together at the same time to delight customers and win more sales.

Social media monitoring at it’s best.

Consumer expectations have risen dramatically when it comes to social customer service. The HelpSocial web and mobile apps have a proven track record of reducing response times and helping you to resolve issues faster.

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Monitor social networks for customers, connect teams and apps around the business for realtime response.

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Be social. Be helpful.